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Mountain Sky Closets Client Testimonials

I live in a three-bedroom condo at the bottom of the mountain, and although I love the location and view, I hate that the closets are so small and there is no storage. I called Mountain Sky Closets to see what they could do to give me more space and less clutter. It was amazing! They were able to turn my existing master closet that had 8’ of hanging and only one shelf and transform it into 12’ of hanging with 8 drawers and 47’ of shelf space. Putting the drawers in the closet allowed us to get rid of the dresser in the bedroom, which, in turn made the room feel bigger and gave us more room to walk around the bed. My experience with Mountain Sky Closets was incredible, and I would highly recommend them for any storage need you may have.
Kimberly, Steamboat Springs, CO


We had just built a new home in Steamboat and our builder recommended calling Mountain Sky Closets to design our closets throughout the home. The design process was extremely easy and the 3D software they used really helped us figure out what we wanted while allowing us to compare different layouts to maximize the allotted space. We were able to sit with the designer right at our kitchen counter and design the closets together adding and removing components until we had it just right and at the price we needed to stay within budget.
Natalee, Winter Park, CO


I called Mountain Sky Closets to see if they could help me surprise my wife for her 50th birthday. She has always wanted a custom master closet and not knowing the first thing about closets, a friend of mine recommended I call them for help. From design to installation to clean up they did a fantastic job. The quality of their product line is outstanding, and the number of features and options they offer is incredible. I decided to spend a little bit more by adding a double hutch, which gave my wife a spot to put her jewelry as well as a spot to charge her cell phone. They were able to configure the hutch so it had six drawers and a built-in hamper. Add to that valet rods, radius hanging and plenty of room for her shoes… simply put, my wife was overwhelmed and I looked like a rock star.
Francis, Granby, CO


Our three-car garage was out of hand, filled with skis, mountain bikes, snow tires, a snow blower, two kayaks, four river tubes and more ski boots then I had fingers. I had three different companies give me ideas, designs and prices to declutter the garage and add a sense of organization back into my life. Although Mountain Sky Closets was not the least expensive, they by far had the best design, the highest quality product and the most options to store and protect my belongings. I like how they incorporated slat wall into their design, as it allows me to easily change where I store things depending on the time of year. I also like how they are able to store my winter tires and kayaks on a pulley system from the ceiling. They are professional, knowledgeable and detailed-oriented and a great company to do business with.
Mark, Steamboat Springs, CO


My husband and I bought and installed a custom closet from Home Depot in our last house and were disappointed with the quality and lack of function. When we decided to move from Denver to Winter Park, the house we fell in love with had a horrific master bedroom closet. We saw the Mountain Sky Closet’s truck in between house showings and quickly wrote down their phone number. We called them after our last showing and were able to set up two visitations at homes where they just installed some closets. My husband and I were blown away by the quality of their product and their workmanship. The dove-tail drawers were made out of solid wood and the soft close slides were just like in our kitchen. We were also impressed at the oil rubbed bronze closet rods, the finish of the materials, and how well they matched the trim in the rest of the house. We ended up buying the house in Winter Park with the awful master closet and had Mountain Sky Closets design and install the master closet before we moved in. As expected, they did an awesome job and it is one of the rooms that we always show off to guests.
Patti, Winter Park, CO


As a gourmet cook, I am very serious about not only the ingredients I use in the kitchen, but also how my kitchen and pantry are configured to work together in harmony.   I have very specific needs and several pieces of equipment that take up a lot of space that I do not like to see on my counter. Being at my wits-end and frustrated with my current pantry configuration, my interior designer recommended calling Mountain Sky Closets to design and install a new pantry. I was hesitant at first and thought that they would have limited knowledge of pantries and would just recommend a ‘cookie cutter’ style design. What I found was an open-minded designer who had a tremendous working knowledge of pantries and was willing to think outside the box to give me what I needed. Slide out baskets for items like confectionary sugar, bags of nuts and baking ingredients along with adjustable shelves, a wine cooler, bulk item storage, areas dedicated to my large kitchen appliances and corner shelving are just a few of the features that we were able to incorporate into the pantry. The other thing that really impressed me was how well they cleaned up after themselves, how they wore slippers inside my house and not work boots, and how they recycled the cardboard that the product came in. They even went as far to donate the parts and pieces they could salvage from my old pantry. That really meant a lot to me.
Stephanie, Steamboat Springs, CO