Steamboat Springs Custom Reach-In Closet Systems

Reach-in closets can oftentimes leave Northwestern Colorado homeowners feeling as if they do not have enough space for their wardrobe. Mountain Sky Closets knows that with the right custom reach-in closet design, any small closet can accommodate a vast collection of clothing. Shelving, hanging rods, and baskets are utilized to create a location where every piece of clothing fits perfectly.

Mountain Sky Closets has more than 10 years of experience planning and constructing reach-in closets for small spaces. We are not strangers to the challenges posed by a small space. Installing hooks and slat-wall on the side of the closet instead of on the back wall of the closet is just one way we free up a significant amount of real estate that can be used for other storage applications.

Instead of full-length hanging rods throughout the reach-in closet system, double-hang rods are used for pants and shirts. Drawers, bins, and shelving with pull-out wire baskets take up this extra space, allowing more clothing to be stored in a compact area.

Mountain Sky Closet’s adjustable shelving is perfect for children’s closets, as they can be moved to accommodate larger items as your child grows. Teach your children independence and let them pick their own outfits from low-hanging rods, shelves, and shoe organizers. As they grow, place the shelves higher to make room for larger shirts and long dresses.

Reach-in closets can be designed for the working professional as well. Long-sleeved shirts, slacks, and jackets all fit comfortably on double-hang rods. Shoes and hats can be stored on shelves while undergarments are kept out of sight in drawers and baskets.

Whether your reach-in closet system is for a child or an adult, we can design and organize the ultimate reach-in closet solution for your whole family. We carry a variety of colors for our reach-in closet systems, offering seven types of wood finishes for our real wood closet organization systems.

Contact us about building a custom closet organization system for your Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, or Granby reach-in closet space today.

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