Mountain Sky Closets and Garages are one of the most experienced epoxy contractors in the area and we only use the highest quality industrial epoxy coatings available on the market.

The products and processes we use to apply our coatings are completely different from the others in the region. Here is why.

Our competitors acid wash the floor and then put on a two-part latex epoxy coating. Acid washing does not adequately remove oil stains or prepare the floor to bond well with epoxies. In the past, we used this process but got away from it, as it failed to hold up to the harsh winter road materials in our area.

Here is how we now do it.

On day one, we use a 362-pound floor grinder with two diamond wheels to grind the floor down to remove the top layer of concrete including any stains or imperfections. When finished the aggregate in the concrete shows through. This new surface is now rough giving the epoxy something to adhere to. Once the floor is ground down, we apply an industrial two-part epoxy base coat followed by colored flakes that fuse into that base coat and give the floor an attractive finish.

On day two, we apply an industrial two-part clear epoxy topcoat to completely seal the base coat and colored flakes. The result is a strong highly attractive floor that will resist peeling, chipping, and scratching for years to come.

After moving to this process, we have never looked back. The process is not cheap, but the best never is. With years of maintenance-free use ahead, you won’t look back either.

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Epoxy Flooring Style and Color Options

We also install epoxy garage flooring throughout northwestern Colorado. Epoxy garage flooring is one of the most versatile garage flooring options on the market today. It is stain, chip, and spill-resistant and is available in a range of styles. Choose from the following colors:

Our Garage Flooring Colors