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Garage Party Grilling.

Summer is here. The kids are out of school, the weather is perfect, and the grill is ready to go for barbecuing! Nothing embodies the spirit of summer more than the sound of burgers, brats and hot dogs sizzling on the grill. Or kids playing in the yard and coming together to eat with friends and family.

Transform your garage into a place to grill and socialize

It's easy to do. Garage not up to party standards? Don’t worry. Mountain Sky Closets & Garages can help. When we hear the word barbecue, most of the time we associate it with the backyard.  Garages can be a great space to entertain friends and family during the summer months, rain or shine. But a lot of it has to do with how the garage is organized and designed. Make your experience easy and fun this summer. We have compiled these tips, tricks and suggestions for your next neighborhood or family garage barbecue.

Always consider safety first

Keep the party inside the garage where guests can enjoy the shade and amenities your garage has to offer. And remember, emissions from gas grills can be deadly if left stagnant in a garage.  So leave the grill outside the house to allow the smoke and heat to disperse and make sure your grilling area is either well-ventilated or out in the fresh air so you can grill food freely without smoking the party out of the garage.

Here are some other safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Remove material that could easily drift and catch fire.  Items include newspapers, loose paper, branches, collected leaves and other items that can easily burn.
  • Store saws, blades and other sharp tools in a built-in garage storage system, preferably one with a lock option.
  • Remove and store pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers. They are harsh and harmful substances, especially if curious children are invited to the event.
  • Move anything on the floor - like cords - that could be a potential safety hazard.

Invest in high-quality garage storage and organization systems

Make sure you have plenty of room to entertain friends and family, by considering an investment in a high-quality garage storage and organization system. This can help you make your garage a clean, organized and easy space in which to maneuver, making it easy to get from the game to the grub and back without missing a play.

Endless possibilities

Garage organization systems are built for your lifestyle and can include a wide range of applications, storage options and fun features that will make entertaining a breeze. Install a refrigerator to store cold beverages and food for easy access. Reduce the indoor foot traffic by installing an entertainment set in the garage. Create a bar and even store dishes and glasses in the same space for a one-stop shop. The possibilities are endless!

Add personality to your space

If you are a huge sports fan, decorate your garage to reflect your team. Nothing brings game day to life like a barbecue with friends surrounded by your favorite team’s colors! Your garage can be designed to reflect your personal interests or whatever theme you choose for your barbecue party while providing function to your life. Don’t settle for a scattered design when you can have a unified, organized space! For example, the less maintenance your garage needs, the more you time you have to enjoy entertaining in it when summer comes around.

Get friends and neighbors together

Garage grilling is a great way to get the neighbors together and watch the kids play. Sit back, relax and enjoy everything the grill has to offer in your newly organized garage space this summer. Call Mountain Sky Closets & Garages to talk about your vision for your garage today and get your project underway so you can enjoy the style and convenience year-round. Contact Todd today for a FREE design consultation!

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