Standard Garage Cabinet Storage for Steamboat Springs Homes

Your garage cabinet storage units are perhaps the most important part of your organization plan. Install adequate storage to provide a space for all of your tools, gardening supplies, and athletic gear to be housed in a practical way. Mountain Sky Closets has 10 years of experience designing customized garage storage solutions for Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, Granby, and Northwestern Colorado residents with active lifestyles. Our exceptional products are dependable, attractive, robust, and will withstand the harsh environment of the Rocky Mountains.

Our traditional-style cabinets are made from the best products on the market. We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we guarantee all of our cabinets for life. Should anything happen to them during normal use, we will replace your garage cabinets free of charge without any questions asked.

Mountain Sky Closets knows that you will love using your long-lasting garage storage cabinets for years to come. Here are just a few of the many benefits of installing one of our quality products:

Shelving: Many Colorado homeowners struggle with finding strong, long-lasting, and adjustable shelving for their garage cabinets. The vast majority of garage storage cabinets have fixed shelving that will not accommodate large or uniquely shaped items. Mountain Sky Closets’ garage cabinets come standard with adjustable shelving, making it easy to rearrange your cabinets for items of all sizes. Our shelving is 1-inch thick – a full 25 percent wider than the industry standard – and has a load-bearing capacity of 100 pounds. Large power tools, heavy boxes, and bags of soil can be housed in your cabinets without fear of our shelves warping, bending, or breaking.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets: Most standard garage cabinet storage systems are installed on the ground. Not only does this increase the wear and tear on your garage flooring, but it leaves your belongings vulnerable to water damage, bugs, pests, dirt, and debris. Mountain Sky Closets’ garage cabinets are wall-mounted six or seven inches off of the floor. This process creates a “floating” look and protects the items within the hazards mentioned above. Clean your garage floor without the hassles of sweeping or mopping around cabinet posts or pedestals.

Customizable Sizes: Everything about our garage storage systems is customizable, including the height, width, and depth of your cabinets. Shallow standard cabinets are excellent for frequently-used items such as small tools and watering cans, while our extra-deep options are ideal for helmets and large bin storage.

Hardware: Mountain Sky Closets utilizes the finest soft-close, concealed hinges in all of our cabinets. Placing the hinges on the inside gives our cabinets a clean, uncluttered, and refined appearance. Full-extension runners are used with all of our drawers to provide effortless access to all your items – even the ones that tend to get stuck in the back of the drawer.

Sliding Doors: Access all of your items without having to move your vehicle with our modern sliding cabinet doors. This type of door is the best option for areas lacking enough space for swinging cabinet doors.

Backing: Mountain Sky Closets never cuts corners when it comes to providing incomparable products. Our garage cabinets come standard with backing, ensuring that insects and dust do not find their way in through gaps found in lesser-quality cabinets with thin, butt-jointed backs or no backs at all.

Color Options: We carry standard cabinets in a range of colors including:

  • Coco
  • Windswept Pewter
  • Silver
  • White
  • Bronze
  • Maple
  • Slate