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A big thank you to Laura Gaskill and Houzz for featuring Mountain Sky Closets & Garages in a recent editorial ideabook!

If you are ready to transform your garage from dumping ground to a useful, well-organized space, this plan is for you. It breaks down a monster of a task into manageable steps, so you can stop fearing your garage and finally start using it again. Not only are garages generally filled with cars, oil spots, and an assortment of stinky chemical stuff, they also have a reputation as the black hole of the home, the place where you put things and then never see them again. To learn more about how to change that, here's the complete article: Read now.

Did the article inspire you to transform your own garage from a dumping ground to a useful, well-organized space?

Your garage is a space designed for function. It holds everything from your gardening tools to holiday decorations, ski gear, and sports equipment for the kids. Our team plans and installs high-quality garage organization systems for northwestern Colorado homes that keep your belongings safe and ready to use exactly when you need them. We have everything from garage cabinets, to workbenches and flooring all designed with function in mind.

With finished floors, organized cabinets, and tidy slatwall, you can create a space people actually want to use. Many of our clients add a refrigerator filled with their favorite drinks or snacks and incorporate seating to create a small hangout area to use when the weather is nice. It’s like gaining extra square footage that you never knew your home had.

Together, let’s create the garage of your dreams.

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