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How Does an Organized Closet Make Morning Routines Less Stressful?

School is back in session and you know what that means? Time to head to the store to buy backpacks, school supplies, lunch boxes, and of course, a whole new wardrobe. But where are you going to put all those new clothes? Will they fit in an already stuffed and disorganized closet?

Probably not. Kids grow fast so the clothes they wore last year to school may not fit them anymore. It’s best not to hang on to them because they will just clutter up their closet.  Decide what you want to keep and what to donate.  Then, it’s time to organize what you do have.

Closet organization that grows with your kids

And one of the best ways to organize is with a customized reach-in closet. Kids’ closet organizers are unique in that they need to grow with the child. Rest assured, with the right design, closets have the ability to change just as quickly as the kids who use them. Hooks that might store diaper bags this year could store backpacks in the future. Hanging rods that once held baby clothes will one day be adjusted to accommodate prom outfits.

The closet components should be moisture, stain, and dirt-resistant so they will withstand years of use and the adjustable shelves and hanging rods should allow the closet to grow with your child. Slide out baskets in various sizes, shapes, and finishes allow kids to see and easily access their toys and clothes.

Closet organization for adults, too

Reach-in closets can be designed for the working professional as well. Long-sleeved shirts, slacks, and jackets all fit comfortably on double-hang rods. Store shoes and hats on shelves and keep undergarments out of sight in drawers and baskets.

Whether your reach-in closet system is for a child or an adult, we can design and organize the ultimate reach-in closet solution for your whole family. We carry a variety of colors for our reach-in closet systems, offering seven types of wood finishes for our real wood closet organization systems.

Download our “How-to-Guide for Closet Cleanout.” And if you want an estimate we’re happy to come to your home and share some ideas on creating a better organized reach-in closet for your family.


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