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Increase Your Home’s Value: Every Room Can Make a Difference.

Thinking about updating your home? You probably imagine that updating the kitchen, bathroom and public areas will add the most resale value.  While these hot-ticket items can certainly make a big difference, every room of the home counts. Consider redoing storage areas.  Then begin work on the less public parts of the house.   Home office or spare room. This can also help you increase your home’s value.


The garage is an important part of your home. In addition to car storage, garages are often used to hold tools, holiday decorations, sentimental items, and sporting goods. Upgrading your home’s garage can help you add storage space to your home. This makes it possible to keep your boxes and knick knacks organized while also making your home seem less cluttered.

One of the best upgrades that you can make is one to include more storage. Ceiling-level racks, built-in shelving and built-in bins are an excellent way to make more storage space.


Closet space is important to homeowners across the board. So maximizing your home’s closet space can make a difference in its value. Adding baskets, adjustable shelves, pull out drawers and slide out basket options can turn even the smallest of closets into the most usable spaces. Using modular units makes it easy to build up storage space over time. Modular units can also be customized to any storage space and will fit every nook and cranny of each closet area.

Office Areas

Home offices make it possible to work from home, which is a big bonus for any telecommuting homeowner. Having the right office space can add to the property’s value while enhancing the work-at-home experience. You can remodel your home office inexpensively and effectively with the addition of some attractive shelves, file drawers, cabinetry and organizers.

Create Home/Work Life Division

Getting the clutter up off the desk and off the floor can make your home office look more like rented office space, which can help create a division between home life and work life. Modular organizers, adjustable shelving, wood cabinetry and full extension file drawers also makes it easier to conduct business by helping the work from home person to stay organized.

Attic and Basement

Attic space and basement space are frequently dismissed by homeowners because they tend to be cold, dark and unpleasant. Still, with a little effort, most attics and basements can become useful spaces for storing decorations, old clothes and clutter. This addition of storage space makes it possible to keep other more public areas of the home tidy and attractive, which boosts the overall value of the home.

Make it Clutter Free

This is especially useful when the homeowner tries to sell a house, because a tidy and clutter-free living space is a big attraction to home buyers. The addition of sturdy shelving, modular bins and other organizers can help homeowners build out their storage space in a way that is customized for the home.

Spare Rooms

Spare rooms have many uses. Whether you need a guest bedroom or a place to work on hobbies, a good spare room can meet all those needs. Spare rooms benefit from a variety of accessories that can enhance their usefulness. An addition of a wall bed, for example, makes it possible for a spare room to turn into a guest room in a matter of seconds. Addition of cabinetry, shelves and closet organizers ensures that the spare room can also be used for other purposes. This keeps your room flexible and fully functional.

Get Started Today

As a homeowner, it’s natural for the rooms of your house to be functional, attractive and flexible. The addition of smart storage solutions can help! Looking to improve your home’s value? Mountain Sky Closets & Garages will provide an estimate for all the storage solutions you need.

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