Pantry Storage & Kitchen Organization in Steamboat Springs

One of the hardest rooms to keep organized is the kitchen pantry. Practical kitchen pantry organization systems include many features such as open shelving, cabinets, and wire baskets. Mountain Sky Closets can plan a pantry organizer system to fit your family’s food and kitchen appliance needs.

The first step in understanding what your pantry cabinet needs is to evaluate the current contents of your pantry closet:

  • Do you prefer to purchase items in bulk and store them in containers?
  • Do you buy large amounts of individually wrapped snacks for lunchboxes?
  • Will you need a spice rack inside of your pantry?
  • Will you be storing wine bottles in the kitchen or elsewhere?
  • How many kitchen appliances will be stored in your pantry closet?
  • Would you rather have pull-out baskets or shelves for food storage purposes?
  • Do you need a space for seldom-used items, such as fine china?

Once these questions have been answered, you will have a better idea of what kind of storage your pantry will need. We strive to provide you with a space where items can be stored in a single layer to avoid hidden items that get pushed to the back of your cabinet and spoil.

Adjustable shelving gives you the freedom to rearrange your pantry at any time to accommodate new appliances, bulk items, or fine china. We suggest storing wine, spices, and canned food items on racks for maximum visibility and access. Pull-out baskets are perfect for storing chips, bread, boxed foods, produce, and snack-sized items.

Whether it is a reach-in pantry or a walk-in pantry, we will maximize your space to fit as many items as possible within. Contact our pantry consultation team today for a free in-home evaluation of your kitchen storage space.

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